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"I can chat with clients regarding food with confidence already. I had a timely client, my Mother who had a knee replacement. The food aided her recovery. The consultant was astonished at a 78-year-old's recovery rate after 6 weeks. Her new diet was adopted over 4 weeks and she was able to walk upstairs unaided and without her crutch after about 10 days".

Sam Palmer

Student Nutrition Coach

“As someone who works full time and hasn't studied in over 13 years, I've just completed the 'Food and Mood' module and loved it. This course is flexible, informative and I have really enjoyed it! Can't believe it's almost over but look forward to the possibility of additional modules.”

Senior Healthcare Manager

“I loved the course! It think it was really well set out.”

Sean Ryan

“The reason why I kind of refuse to take any nutrition courses here in America is because they teach the exact opposite from what Sano taught within all the modules. I feel like courses here don’t really get to the root, but I liked that Sano gave a broad picture, but it was still detailed enough to get a really good grasp and understanding of a certain ailment or how/why certain things work for or against each other. I’m definitely not the type of person who can easily understand scientific things, and I really struggled in Biology in high school. However, the fact that I could re-read certain things until I finally understood them and there were a few animated videos here and there made it so much easier to understand without getting all the way down to the atoms.”

Hannah Lempke

“The Diploma in Applied Nutrition covers a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that are easy to absorb. The main benefits are from doing the assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with other students. Highly recommended!”

Melanie Gaylard
Education Manager, Sano
Sonal Ambasna

“Studying Nutrition Coaching with Sano has been incredibly rewarding both personally and professionally. Sano team are the icing on the cake of a wonderful course! Always on hand to answer questions and provide support in a friendly and approachable manner. Thank you Sano!”

Sonal Ambasna

Nutrition Health Coach

“Since 2014 I’ve had my own business as a holistic nutrition coach, exclusively doing nutrition coaching and healthy cooking, one on one lessons, group workshops mostly in Los Angeles and some in New York as well. It’s been steadily growing since then. There is definitely a need for it, that's why with the course it was nice because I was familiar with all the concepts but I hadn’t really learnt the science behind the nutrition knowledge that I had.  That was the number one thing that I liked about the course, the anatomy side of it and the science bit I thought was great. It gives you more credibility as a coach to be able to back yourself up with science.”

Daniela Kende
Nutrition Coach
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“At the beginning of this course, despite the huge passion I had for the topic I have to admit I wondered if it was too hard. Would I be able to research and speak with confidence in applying nutrition to various conditions? But I learned to research, and I gained confidence in myself to seek the expertise that I wanted to be able to share with others to support them. This course not only teaches you about nutrition but also to become a lifelong learner and I feel only from that place can you become a true lifelong practitioner."

Jasmin Iordanidis

Nutrition Health Coach

“I started the SANO School of Culinary Medicine Diploma in Applied Nutrition a few months ago and have enjoyed it very much so far. I like the fact that the lessons are interesting and full of information.There is a lot of mixed information available these days and people are confused as to what healthy food really is. People seem to focus only on the weight loss aspect of eating without actually understanding what they should be eating to stay fit and well. This course is brilliant to understand that by eating the right foods you can stay in a healthy weight as well as being healthy without sacrificing the pleasure of enjoying good food.”

Maria Melendez
Pilates Instructor

“I was interested in studying with SANO due to the rise of social media and the fitness industry. I have found sourcing reliable nutritional advice very difficult and often very confusing. I wanted to learn from an expert so that it would enable me to make better and more sustainable choices for myself. I was not looking for a quick fix solution as often seen these days, but a manageable change in lifestyle.”

Katria Lamb
Dr Claudia Pastides

"Sano's CPD accredited online nutrition diploma is delightfully evidence based, practical and I've personally found what I learnt life changing for my family as well as invaluable for enhancing patient care. I highly recommend this diploma to medics as it's a brilliant refresher of biomedical science (that we learnt many moons ago!) plus really interesting new information that can be applied to patient care."

Dr Claudia Pastides


“This is a flexible, fascinating and very well explained nutrition course that gives you an insight into how what you eat really does affect how your body works.  Highly recommend it and it won't break the bank.”

Caroline Haigh

“I’m doing an MSC in nutrition and behaviour with Bournemouth University and I’m using the Diploma in Applied Nutrition course as the supporting evidence for doing that. The thing I really liked about the Sano course is the fact that it was applied, it wasn’t just about the science of nutrition. The practical of coming up with 3 recipes, per module, that are going to utilise foods that will assist and support the body systems and I find that really interesting.”

Juliet Hall

“There is lots of support and clear guidelines.  The feedback is excellent with positive comments to prepare you for the next module. The Sano School of Culinary Medicine is a good fit with my beliefs around using food as medicine.”

Louise Knight

“I do different therapies, so I wanted to add the course to that. Primarily I wanted to do the course because I do colonics and I wanted to know much more about digestion and nutrition. I also do reflexology and aromatherapy and skin care so I do have to deal with a lot of lifestyle issues.”

Kerry McKay
Complementary Therapist
Best Nutrition Coach

“I love the module relating to joints and bones as I found it extremely interesting and relevant. Making my recipes for this was fun and I learnt so much. The cooking school at the end of the module though for me is the best, it always gives me great inspiration not only to cook what's being shown but to get into the kitchen to experiment! Plus as we’re going along the course I'm finding I want to take myself out of my comfort zone and film myself making recipes to post on social media to show what I can do”

Denise Monk

Nutrition Health Coach

“Having already completed a diploma in Naturopathy I wanted to add on to this qualification with the Diploma in Applied Nutrition. My true love is healthy cooking but now understand the nutritional benefits and science of recipes, so this course was perfect for me. Plus being flexible and being able to do it from home, it just ticked all the boxes”

Jo Charleston
"The Sano team are always on hand to help and direct and they are such a great bunch, approachable and friendly. This course has given me so much knowledge, confidence and information on talking about the body and how food has an impact on the body. It has also shown me where to look for reliable information."
Denise Monk
Aerial Yoga Teacher
Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 08.48.34

“I have been into nutrition for the last three years and thanks to Sano I am finally putting myself out there: I have opened my social media business accounts and pages, I am learning how to talk about nutrition, it all needs a lot of improvement but it feels great to be doing it.”

Stefania Agnoletto

Nutrition Health Coach

“I loved it, I really enjoyed the course. It’s great that SANO staff are on the FB group and the students can share ideas, motivation etc. You feel less isolated.”

Suzy Beque

“I'm setting up a new business, a place that empowers partners to embrace cooking with children so they can develop  healthier lifelong relationships with food. The Sano School of Culinary Medicine has given me such a fantastic background into the science of nutrition. It's given me the confidence to move forward and achieve my goals.”

Andrew Jenkinson

Fascinating start to my journey to becoming a Nutrition Coach. So much information to take in but Sano provides it clearly and succinctly so that it can be easily translated into practice. I am certain that I picked the right course to get me started on my road to working in the field of Nutrition."

Bryony Sinclair
Nutrition Health Coach
Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 08.57.19

“Great information and guidance on how to start up your own business, covers so much and in great detail. The webinar was very informative and answered some of my concerns/questions about self-worth and how to know what to charge.”

Claire Thomson

Nutrition Health Coach

“What I love about the course is that I can understand everything I read and if I can’t I can just email or Skype and I have all the support that I need.”

Ines Romanelli

“Very professional. I can read the notes without having to print them. It's so clear and well laid out.”

Sheila Mowlds
Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 13.55.24

“A very comprehensive course, broad based but with a sufficient level of detail for the topics covered and the target objectives. Also designed to make learning interesting, enjoyable and the student well motivated to learn more”

Vivienne Mowatt

Nutrition Health Coach

“I found that in Scotland there wasn’t a lot available. Really good about the course that you feel connected and completely online. It was a big thing for me that I could do it all online. That was a big draw.”

Amanda Geary
Academic & Digital Development Adviser

"I've just completed Module Three of the Sano Nutrition Coach Course and with every module, I feel my knowledge and confidence are growing far more quickly than I'd expected. It's a fascinating course with so much variety and the staff are so helpful and supportive. Keep up the great work Sano - can't wait for the next challenge!"

Jo Knight
Nutrition Health Coach
Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 12.54.41

"Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in nutrition."

Michele Porter

Nutrition Health Coach

“I thought the feedback was constructive and helpful. It helped me to dig down deep and really understand for myself what I was talking about and not just trying to take the information given to me and just put it back on the paper.”

Hannah Lempke