A Nutrition Health Coach guides in healthy eating for specific health conditions/areas. They also create recipes and meal plans. There are so many different ways that you can work as a Nutrition Health Coach. You could;

  • Work with clients on a one-to-one basis. You may choose to work individually or be affiliated to a doctor’s surgery or integrative health clinic.
  • Coach through group programs either online or face to face. Group programmes are very effective and affordable for people who couldn’t otherwise afford to seek professional help. Group programmes allow you to keep the cost low. An added benefit is the sense of community as all clients attend the programme together and can support each other. These type of programmes can cover a wide variety of topics such as weight loss, heart health, mental health, improving digestion, improved energy, stress reduction etc. The programmes can be at a physical location but are equally effective online with today’s technology. This also allows for a larger number of people to participate and keeps costs low. Group programmes could also be organised in partnership with doctor surgeries, health clinics and integrative health clinics.
  • Provide cooking demonstrations. This brings together nutritional science and its application to food and recipes. They are very popular as evening events (attending workshop evenings is the new pub evening!) but also as daytime events for parents with children and as corporate team building events. They can be organised as stand-alone topics or as a series.
  • Be a nutrition writer for magazines, health companies or write a book! As well as traditional print magazines there are increasing numbers of online health websites requiring high-quality evidence-based nutrition information, articles and recipes from suitably qualified professionals
  • Blog about healthy eating and nutrition and become a champion for providing relevant nutrition and healthy eating information based on nutritional science, not on hearsay!
  • Work with employee wellness. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibilities in respect of employee wellness and a Nutrition Health Coach can support in many different ways eg workshops, cooking demonstrations, online programmes etc
  • Work with hospitality within corporates. Many companies have corporate restaurants and corporate catering for meetings. Companies aim to attract the best talent and the quality of these services is important to them hence they search for differentiation. As a Nutrition Health Coach, you could work with the corporate hospitality team ensuring that meals are healthy.
  • Open your own healthy cafe. This can be combined with wellness space to offer workshops, classes, wellness retreats, yoga, pilates etc.
  • If you are already a chef or caterer incorporate your nutrition knowledge into your existing services to differentiate yourself.
  • If you are a yoga or pilates teacher extend your services to include health packages, workshops and one to one coaching for your customers.
  • Organise wellness retreats either building on your existing skills and expertise or by collaborating with other individuals or wellness brands.
  • Become a food developer and consultant assisting restaurants and cafes differentiate their menus and ensure they are truly healthy.

The list really is endless. You just need to be creative. You also don’t need to choose one avenue. It is possible to choose several different areas to work in and we help you define your preferred specialisms throughout the Nutrition Health Coach course. By the time you qualify you will have defined your products and services, identified your audience built your website and social following and started your business.

Here just a few examples of how some of our students are using their qualifications;

Hayley Geddes-Smith launched Balance By Hayley providing personalised nutrition and wellness. Hayley provides one-to-one coaching and personalised meal plans, workplace wellness services, fitness classes and fitness & nutrition events.

Josie Buck launched The Mindful Cook to help people to shift their eating mindset from a ‘diet’ perspective to a ‘lifestyle’ perspective. Josie says “My approach is based upon my study of Eating Psychology, Applied Nutrition and my own personal experiences of the revolving doors of weight-loss clubs, all of which I use in empowering others to achieve their health goals.” Josie runs wellness retreats, online courses and coaches clients on a one-to-one basis.

Denise Monk launched The Health Den combining yoga with devising recipes and meal plans for individual clients.

Sonal Ambasna launched Nourish – Food for Life and describes herself as a Food Coach and Nutritional Cook. Sonal specialises in vegetarian and vegan diets and is passionate about making nutrition accessible to all for families to eat and cook better. She runs workshops for children as well as for corporates and has appeared on Asian Radio.

Emily Pulletz has a wellness blog The World is On Your Side,  in addition to opening Passiflora a plant-based cafe with speciality coffee and its own dedicated wellness space.

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  1. Driekie Zietsman on September 26, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    I am currently studying Natural Chef and Natural Health through College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in London and am very interested in your Health Coach programme. Please send me more information.

    • Sano on October 7, 2019 at 9:51 pm

      Hi, Driekie. We messaged you on FB. Hope you got all the details. Otherwise please message us at learn@sanolife.co.uk

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