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Why hold a workshop?

A healthy employee is a productive employee with an outstanding attendance record costing the company less in absenteeism and health care. A corporate taking care of their employees' wellness will attract and retain the best talent.


Good nutrition is key to health

"Poor diet causes more disease than physical inactivity, smoking and alcohol combined. " The Global Lancet. A healthy diet will have a significant impact on employee health.


Interactive and practical

We help employees understand how the body works and how different foods impact all aspects of their overall health including mental health, energy levels, stress, concentration and memory.


Practical solutions

Employees leave with practical solutions applicable to their lifestyles enabling them to make immediate changes. All receive a copy of the Eat Well, Live More booklet summarising the discussions and practical tips.


Cooking demonstrations

Choose to incorporate cooking demonstrations with the workshop helping illustrate how to bring healthy cooking into busy lifestyles. We show how cooking can be quick, simple, delicious and really doesn't require sophisticated cooking skills.


A healthy delicious meal

What better way to demonstrate how to eat well than with a meal. You can provide catering yourselves or we are able to supply a meal from a range of styles and cuisines.


Delivered by experts

However small or large your workshop it will be delivered by fully qualified Nutritionists with years of expertise in delivering nutrition education.

About Us

Nutrition education experts

Established in 2015, Sano School Of Culinary Medicine is the UK's leading online nutrition school educating everyone in nutrition as well as training professional Nutrition Health Coaches and Medics in nutrition. Our workshop presenters have years of experience in coaching and presenting.

Corporate expertise

Having worked within corporates for many years ourselves we understand employees needs and challenges when it comes to eating healthily. Our expertise and experience ensure that your workshop will be applicable to employees and allow them to start making changes straight away.

Flexible packages

We build workshops tailored to you. A workshop will be developed of an appropriate length and timing to suit your business. You may choose specific topics and include cookery demonstrations and a meal. Workshops can be for as few as 20 attendees or over 500.

Make a difference to your employees' health!