Our programme of regular webinars cover a variety of topics aimed at helping you understand how nutrition and food choices can impact you health. We delve deeply into specific areas and give you the tools to make changes to your own diet or to provide guidance to clients and patients.

Metabolic Health
Various Dates

Metabolic Health

In this 30 minute introductory webinar gain an understanding of how food choices impact metabolic health and some simple swaps that can be made in the diet to help improve not only metabolic health but health overall. 

Previous Webinars

Recordings of some previous webinars can be purchased for viewing at your leisure. Once purchased access is for 30 days. To purchase any webinar click on the individual image.

In this 40 minute webinar we examine some key nutrients to aid in supporting skin health whatever your skin concern. Foods sources of these essential nutrients are discussed together practical suggestions regarding best food choices for bioavailability of nutrients.

In this 30 minute webinar we examine the impact of sleep deprivation on metabolic health and what to eat to maximise sleep. We discuss important nutrients to include in the diet as well as a look at the mechanism of caffeine as a stimulant and its impact on sleep.

70-80% of immune cells are within the gut. In this 35 minute webinar we examine how the gut is involved in immunity, the role of the gut microbiota and what nutrients and foods help support and balance the immune system for optimal health.