The need for a holistic approach to healthcare

The need for a holistic approach to healthcare

Doug Richards visited Sir Sam Everington at his Bromley by Bow Integrative Healthcare Practice where they discussed the need for a holistic approach to healthcare and the need to educate doctors in nutrition.

Sir Sam comments,

“Medical students learn a lot about science, drugs, surgery, the traditional things taught at medical school.

What’s really important is that future medical students learn about a much more holistic approach to healthcare.

To take a holistic approach and get good outcomes in healthcare, you need to address people’s environment, their creative side, their education and their employment.

These things are absolutely vital and sometimes far more important than any medicine I can describe or any surgery that we can do on individual patients.

So there’s something about teaching medical students to be very holistic with patients and focus with patients on what matters to the patients rather than what the matter is with them.”

Increasingly now and in a modern society less and less people are smoking but we have issues of obesity.

The foods you eat become far more important and food plays a vital role.

If I see a patient who’s depressed one of the first conversations I have with them is about their diet.

Often they won’t be eating properly, they won’t be cooking, they won’t have a healthy diet.

But that’s something we can turn around very quickly and enable them to think,

‘Well I can turn around my depression, I can come out of this dark black hole because actually there are simple things that I know I can achieve.”

Watch this interview to see the full conversation.



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