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social prescribing

Medics need to be trained in nutrition

Why do we need to train medics in nutrition?

Why do we need to train medics in nutrition? After all, we have Nutritional Therapists, Nutritional Therapists and Dieticians to advise on nutrition and healthy ...
healthy eating for children

Healthy Eating for Children – what do we need to do ?

Healthy eating for children is starting to have the focus it needs but only because we have finally woken up to the childhood obesity crisis ...
Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity being tackled in Europe, but what about the UK?

Tackling childhood obesity is in many countries agendas and quite rightly so. Last week I presented to the leaders of childhood obesity from many European ...
Nutrition and community project brought together in Lambeth GP Food Co-op recipe book

Nutrition and Community Projects in General Practice

Nutrition knowledge for healthcare professionals and involvement in community projects is the future of General Practice. With the rise of chronic disease and the resulting ...
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