Implementing a culture of health that embeds sustainable healthier behaviours for everyone is not easy. However the rewards can be huge for the company and your employees for years to come.

Even when companies have wellness programmes they are not always designed to adapt to future ways of working. For the most part, they are one dimensional focusing on educating the employee on how to stay physically fit. There is often minimal content covering mental health and work-related stress.

There are many misconceptions about wellness programs and as a result many leaders make uniformed decisions. To achieve measurable health improvement at the workplace commitment is required from the company leaders and continued success depends on ongoing support at all levels of the organisation.

We recommend that wellness programmes are fully integrated into the company's overall vision and purpose that reinforces and supports a healthy company culture.

Our Programmes

Our programmes help create a workplace that integrates a total health model into every aspect of business practice, from company policies to everyday work activities. By total health we mean a culture that is supportive of individuals' careers, financial situation, emotional and physical health and social lives. We tailor programmes to your requirements and budget that align with your company culture to deliver the best results.

Our 6 to 12 month programmes include;

> Coaching for leaders and managers.

> Team building events.

> Integrated workshops covering nutrition, movement, sleep, resilience, mental         health and mindfulness.

> Access to wellness content including webinars, podcasts and blogs.

> Online content that employees can study in their own time.

> Regular surveys or focus groups to determine which aspects of health and wellness are important to employees.

> Measuring and tracking the benefits and results  with reviews  to continuously improve and deliver even better results.

> Measurements may include improved absenteeism, employee morale, talent attraction and retention, enhanced company loyalty and heightened customer loyalty.

There is a strong need to adapt well-being needs to future ways of working, future technologies, future jobs and future stresses caused by these.

Over 11 million working days are lost each year because of work-related stress often contributing to anxiety or depression. Key causes of stress include financial concerns, lack of sleep, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyles and employees not knowing how to find support at work.

We provide a full wellness experience for food, nutrition education and employee wellbeing.


We empower employees by helping them understand how the body works and how different foods impact all aspects of their overall health including mental health, energy levels, stress, concentration and memory.


Our workshops bring teams together and build community that employees enjoy whilst providing practical ways of improving their own health & wellbeing.


We tailor programmes and workshops to your requirements and budgets aligning with your company culture.


Employees leave our workshops with practical solutions applicable to their lifestyles enabling them to make immediate changes.


We share our wellbeing resources and knowledge online through webinars, podcasts and blogs.


We integrate feedback from employees, suggestions and ideas to encourage engagement and take action where appropriate.

Delivered by experts

Your programme will be delivered by experts in nutrition, health and wellness education. Our team includes co-founders Doug and Heather Richards, qualified nutrition health coaches and natural health practitioners.

About Us

Nutrition experts

Established in 2015 Sano  is the UK's leading online nutrition school educating everyone in nutrition as well as training professional Nutrition Health Coaches and Medics in nutrition. Our programme leads and workshop presenters have years of experience in coaching and presenting.

Corporate expertise

Having worked within corporates for many years ourselves we understand employees needs and challenges when it comes to eating healthily. Our expertise and experience ensure that your workshop will be applicable to employees and allow them to start making changes straight away.

Flexible packages

We build programmes and workshops tailored to you. A workshop will be developed of an appropriate length and timing to suit your business. It can be virtual or at your office. You may choose specific topics and include cookery demonstrations and a meal. Workshops can be for as few as 15 attendees or over 500.

Make a difference to your employees' health!