What is the real cause of your bloating? How you are eating might be contributing to your bloating and other digestive health issues. Do you have food intolerances, bloating, flatulence, indigestion, diarrhoea, constipation, Candida, parasites?

When we smell, see, think about and first taste food the stomach begins to secrete gastric juices to start digestion. Known as the cephalic phase, the secretion during this phase accounts for approximately 20% of gastric secretion associated with eating a meal. It begins when signals are sent from the brain to the stomach via the vagus nerve. If you’re eating in a rush, not thinking about what you are eating, not savouring the food, that’s a pretty big percentage of gastric secretion to be missing out on!

This preparation is vital to ensure when the bolus of food arrives the stomach is ready for it – it is at the optimal conditions for protein digestion to begin and to act as a barrier of defence against ingested microbes. Imagine if you are not giving your body the opportunity to begin this phase of preparation effectively.

Low hydrochloric acid will impact on protein digestion and if large protein molecules pass into the small intestine they may cause an immune reaction and the premise for food intolerances. Low hydrochloric acid may also lead to multiple digestive issues.

Mindful eating is really important for our health. If you’re eating healthily but still have some of these health concerns look at HOW you eat.

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