Dr Claudia (Carmaciu) Pastides - General Practitioner



Dr. Claudia (Carmaciu) Pastides is a GP at RoC Private Clinic in Marylebone, London. She is also the co-founder of PLUSbaby seminars (baby friendly conferences for doctors), a social media doctor and freelance health writer. Claudia is loving discovering the merits of incorporating nutrition into her day to day patient care and enjoys this more holistic approach to healthcare, balancing the science of health, disease, and nutrition. 
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Alex Crockford - Fitness Coach



My name is Alex Crockford, and I am the founder of the brand #CrockFit, I help people across the world transform their bodies with my training & nutrition guides. #CrockFit is a platform for online training programmes for men and women who love to train at the gym or at home. Health and fitness has been a part of my life since a young age. As a kid, I was involved in many sports teams and clubs, and throughout school and college I focussed mainly on the physical subjects, which directed me to earn my degree later in 'fitness & personal training'. I graduated in 2011 and went full steam ahead into the world of personal training! I quickly gained experience and knowledge and became a full-time personal trainer at a corporate gym within a year. As a personal trainer, I have helped many people not only achieve their fitness goals but completely transform their body, mind and life. Working one to one with people and helping them change their lives was so satisfying and I loved my work, but I always felt that I was being boxed in, helping just a few people in one day. I had big dreams, and I knew I could achieve much more. I have the passion to not only inspire one person at a time but maybe thousands, millions.

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Daniela Kende - Wellness Coach



Daniela Kende is a holistic nutrition coach based in Los Angeles, California, who helps her clients break free from food rules and restrictions and embrace a joy-filled and self-honoring approach towards wellness. Daniela is passionate about equipping her clients with the knowledge and tools to prepare simple and nourishing meals, maintain healthy habits on the go, and create abundant energy to fuel their days and pursue their dreams.  In addition to 1on1 and small group coaching, Daniela offers hands-on pantry makeover sessions and cooking lessons to help clients find more efficiency, ease, and joy in healthy home cooking. Daniela received her B.A. in psychology from Princeton University and her diploma in Applied Nutrition from the Sano School of Culinary Medicine. She is a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and received additional life coach training through the Holistic MBA Deep Dive program at the Health Coach Institute. Daniela is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). By far, her greatest accomplishment was giving birth to her daughter, Eliza, in January of 2018 with her husband, Pete, lovingly by her side.

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Mathew Lewis-Carter - Personal Trainer



Perfect abs, peachy bums, endless duck pout selfies, the list goes on...That’s why I started my blog.  I wanted to inject a little bit of humour and life into an industry that is so focused on how you look on the outside.  "I believe that people deserve to have clear-cut advice that will benefit your health and wellbeing for years to come." Ready to feel more confident in your own skin? Ready to purchase a new wardrobe? Ready to have more energy?  Then the Online Body Transformation Blueprint is for you.

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Dr Chintal Patel - General Practitioner



Hello, I am Chintal, I am a doctor and a passionate cook/foodie. I come from an Indian background where food has always been a huge part of my life. I started helping in the kitchen at a young age and have been independently cooking from age 10. I believe food doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated to be healthy and delicious. I believe in using good wholesome ingredients. I avoid processed food wherever possible.

I work as a General Practitioner in London for the last 11 years. I work with families and children and see a need for family-friendly food that is easy to make and enjoyable to eat by the whole family. I often meet parents who struggle to encourage their children to eat nutritious meals or find it hard to find the time to make healthy meals at home. They often find themselves cooking separate meals for their children or using readymade meals. I want to empower these families to cook together and make quick, easy, cheap and healthy recipes at home the whole family can enjoy.

I hope to inspire and motivate families and children to eat well and cook family friendly meals together every day and think about health and nutrition. I am a mum of two boys aged 8 and 6. Both have been fussy eaters and I have learnt tactics and tricks to encourage them both to eat well and try new foods. I genuinely love creating recipes, using ingredients to expand my children's tastes and encouraging them to form a healthy relationship with food from an early age.