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We teach you everything you need to set up a reputable nutrition coaching business and begin or further develop your career as a successful, qualified Nutrition Coach.

Why Nutrition Coaching?

Nutrition is the most important aspect of our health. Poor diet and nutrition is at the heart of suboptimal health and chronic disease. Globally health status has never been worse. Healthy eating aids in reversing chronic disease and is the key to preventative health.

Mainstream medical practitioners are not trained in nutrition. The healthcare system requires support from those that have a deep knowledge of nutrition, that they are able to apply practically, helping people change their eating habits.

Even when we know what we should be eating, sometimes obstacles prevent us from achieving our goals. A Nutrition Coach helps guide and set attainable goals driving behaviour change and better health.

What is a Nutrition Coach?

A Nutrition Coach guides in healthy eating, supporting people to use food to manage their health. They guide on ingredients and types of foods as well as create recipes and meal plans to support specific health areas.

“Poor diet causes more disease than physical activity, alcohol and smoking combined.” 

The Lancet

The Sano Nutrition Coach Course is for you if:

You have a passion for healthy eating and want a career helping others improve their health.
You want to learn from industry experts in nutrition and business.
You are excited to learn how the body works, how it is impacted by food and the nutrients within them and the health benefits from dietary changes.
You want to guide in healthy eating, providing a personalised approach taking into consideration personal dietary preferences and needs.
You want to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to guide and coach, ensuring that you will truly make a difference in people’s lives.
You want to fit your training around your schedule and learn online from anywhere with all your course materials at your fingertips through your mobile phone, tablet or computer.
You want to learn core business and marketing skills enabling you to build a successful nutrition coaching business.
You want to develop your business as you study ensuring that on qualification you have created core material and are already earning from a number of different revenue streams.
You want to be part of a like-minded community who support each other throughout their studies and beyond.
You want to build collaborations to support and promote your business ensuring maximum success.
You want an exciting varied career with the opportunity to share your knowledge in multiple ways such as one to one meetings, online courses, classes and workshops, recipes, blogs, cooking demonstrations and classes, presentations, grocery shopping assistance, store cupboard reviews, meal planning, product development, restaurant consultancy and wellness retreats.

Be a successful entrepreneur in food, health and lifestyle.

Improve your own health while also helping others.

Be your own boss and create a schedule that works for you.

Work that you love from anywhere, anytime.

Create financial freedom that aligns with your goals.

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What our graduates say:

Denise Monk Profile Image

"The Sano team are always on hand to help and direct and they are such a great bunch, approachable and friendly. This course has given me so much knowledge, confidence and information on talking about the body and how food has an impact on the body. It has also shown me where to look for reliable information."

Denise Monk

Andrew Jenkinson Profile Image

“I'm setting up a new business, a place that empowers partners to embrace cooking with children so they can develop healthier lifelong relationships with food. The Sano School of Culinary Medicine has given me such a fantastic background into the science of nutrition. It's given me the confidence to move forward and achieve my goals.”

Andrew Jenkinson

Sonal Ambasna Profile Image

"Studying Nutrition Coaching with Sano has been incredibly rewarding both personally and professionally. Sano team are the icing on the cake of a wonderful course! Always on hand to answer questions and provide support in a friendly and approachable manner. Thank you Sano!"

Sonal Ambasna

Daniella Velissariou Profile Image

"The nutrition coach course is amazing because when you finish, you know how to start a business. It really does have everything and the support is top-notch! Anything you need help with, the team is there to guide you. I loved the structure and felt that it was very clear. So glad I’ve done this! Can’t wait to now work on my future."

Daniella Velissariou

Stefania Agnoletto Profile Image

"I have been into nutrition for the last three years and thanks to Sano I am finally putting myself out there. I have just finished the  Sano Nutrition Coach course and found it very well structured and informative. I was able to fit studying into my full-time work life, which was one of my main concerns."

Stefania Agnoletto

Tiziana Bellicci Profile Image

"The nutrition coach course covered a lot of information, delivered in a way that was easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and practical. I really benefited from doing the assignments and receiving individual feedback. The education team responded quickly if I needed help or had any queries."

Tiziana Bellicci

Vivienne Mowatt Profile Image

"Layer by layer, the course explains the technical elements of the body's complex systems which build clarity and knowledge as it progresses and then weaves in the understanding of how nutrition affects the way the systems work and how to optimise their function by what we eat."

Vivienne Mowatt

Nike Lawal Profile Image

"There are so many elements to this programme, and all so well thought out. The content, the materials, the delivery are all excellent and packaged together in a way that makes perfect sense if you are planning to start a business or incorporate it into an existing business.  

So many coaching programmes miss the business building element or pay lip service to it. With Sano, it is there from the start. It is quite obvious that the business element has been designed by people who have done this themselves in this industry, and are walking the talk - it isn't theory.  The support online has been superb. Definitely one of my best development investment decisions."

Nike Lawal

Katie Loveday Profile Image

"I feel the knowledge that Sano is providing is paramount to the future health of our society. I have loved learning the science behind nutrition and how food fuels our bodies. I am thrilled to be part of this movement and look forward to helping those in my community."

Katie Loveday

Miranda Ball Profile Image

"I loved learning about science. I loved the research. I loved the fact that it stretched my brain into places I had not been before. I love being able to help people with the scientific facts behind the food I knew was healthy before, but didn't know how to explain."

Miranda Ball

Helen Exell Profile Image

"I have really enjoyed the course and topics we have covered; it has been very informative and I have learnt a huge amount. As the course goes on there are key themes that keep appearing throughout the modules. The business and coaching sections guide you on how to coach clients and what you need to consider if you plan to set up a business. There is also the practical side of the cookery school and learning about recipe creation. The guest podcasts are also interesting to get a different perspective on how other professions or businesses use nutrition."

Helen Exell

Nicola Wilsher Profile Image

"Looking back I can see how far I've come. When I started the thought of reading a scientific paper scared me to death now I want to read them to find out more information. Sano and the nutritional coach course has given me the confidence to do that."

Nicola Wilsher

Bryony Sinclair Profile Image

"The knowledge and confidence I have gained has been more than I ever anticipated. I am now running cooking clubs for primary school children aged 7-11 teaching them how to cook real food and educating them on why we should use real ingredients and avoid processed food. I truly believe teaching children to cook lays the base for a long healthy relationship with food. I provide recipe cards and bite-sized nuggets of nutrition with each session which benefits the entire family and the pride my Real Food Rebels show when they independently cook and then try new foods is magical."

Bryony Sinclair

Sonja Colman Profile Image

"As a nutritional therapist and health coach, this course with Sano is by far the best course I have so far undertaken. The depth of knowledge provided through anatomy and physiology with the practical link to nutrition and the recipe creation is just brilliant to prepare you for working with live clients. I have found my confidence in my subject growing hugely, even though I am only a couple of modules in. You are totally supported by the team, but get to work in a flexible way that can fit around the rest of your life."

Sonja Colman

Ben Hathaway Profile Image

"The nutrition coach course clearly shows how many health concerns are interrelated and show how foods can influence them.  The course really makes you think for yourself especially with the research element which demonstrates that the understanding of food and its impact on health is ever-expanding. The Cooking school recipes are great for demonstrating how the science can be practically applied to everyday meals."

Ben Hathaway

On Graduation

Diploma in Applied Nutrition

Sano Dip (Nut) awarded 

Nutrition Coach

Graduate as a Nutrition Coach


Become a member of The Complementary Medical Association


Insurable as a Nutrition Coach

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The Sano Difference

personalised nutrition

We believe that everyone should have the right to good nutrition based on their dietary preferences, personal circumstances and health concerns. Every single person is unique and should not need to ‘fit’ into prescribed dietary models. There are hundreds of dietary models and ‘ways of eating’ that are taught by nutrition schools. Instead, our curriculum and teaching approach enables our Nutrition Coach graduates to create individual personalised dietary guidance. Personalised nutrition is the future and results in clients achieving their goals and maintaining better health.

Learning nutritional science is only the first step in the journey to help yourself and others achieve their health goals. What is equally important is the practical application of nutrition to ingredients, food and meals. We teach you nutritional science and then how to apply this in a way that is relevant to people’s everyday lives helping them to easily make healthy food choices. You learn how to translate nutritional science into an everyday language and practical medium that is understandable, appealing and relevant to the individual. This helps drive behaviour change and achieve optimal health.

practical application of nutrition to food
knowledge for life

We ensure that all our graduates are equipped with the skills to keep up to date with relevant and accurate food and nutrition information. New discoveries are made every day as to how the body works, how it is impacted by food and nutrition and ultimately affects health. It is important to have the skills to analyse and interpret new research and be able to make it relevant to people’s everyday lives. Our graduates have those skills and we continue to support them with post-graduate training.

Our content is created and taught by leading industry experts. Heather Richards, course director, is an award-winning Nutritional Therapist with a drive for excellence in academia and clinical practice. She is also the Nutrition Lead for the College of Medicine. Doug Richards, business expert, has 25 years of experience gained as a leader in senior corporate roles as well as having established several successful and high profile new businesses of various sizes.

heather richards nutrition expert and doug richards business expert
independent review

Our nutrition content is evidence-based and bibliographies are provided to support the teaching. Science is ever changing and our content is continually reviewed and updated to incorporate new findings. In addition, it is independently reviewed by practicing medical professionals to ensure its accuracy and relevance.

When it comes to learning online you might think you will be alone. At Sano, learning online enables you to fit studying around your schedule and personal circumstances. You will also receive individualised support for all aspects of your learning, whether that be clarifying understanding, extra support to complete an assignment or adapting your schedule for a holiday. One to one sessions are easy to book with our dedicated education team who are there to support you throughout your journey.

individual tutor support

We teach you nutritional science and how to apply this practically in a way that is personalised and relevant to each individual.

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