The Courses

Nutrition Coach

Learn everything that is covered in the Nutrition Diploma together with coaching and business skills, enabling you to set up a reputable business as a qualified Nutrition Health Coach.

Nutrition for Medics

Nutritional theory and its practical application to patient consultations for medical professionals for frontline medics wanting to guide their patients in lifestyle medicine.

Nutrition for Integrative Healthcare Practitioners

A foundation in nutrition for those wanting to learn the fundamentals of nutrition for integration into their existing healthcare practices.

We offer online nutrition courses all of which meet these criteria as a minimum.

Find out more detail about the individual courses and what additional benefits each offer below.

✔️ Evidence-based nutrition
✔️ Study online, anywhere, anytime
✔️ Structured programme with the flexibility to suit your schedule
✔️ Practical application of theory in recipe creation
✔️ Assignments marked by qualified Nutritional Therapists
✔️ Variable teaching methods; written material, video, animations and quizzes
✔️ Qualify with a Diploma in Applied Nutrition
✔️ Full support from the Sano Education Team throughout your studies and as a graduate
✔️ Become part of the Sano Community of likeminded individuals
✔️ Accredited by FNTP, certified by the CPD Certification Service and members of the CMA
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Develop recipes for health
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“As someone who works full time and hasn't studied in over 13 years, I've just completed the 'Food and Mood' module and loved it. This course is flexible, informative and I have really enjoyed it! Can't believe it's almost over but look forward to the possibility of additional modules.”

Senior Healthcare Manager

"Sano’s CPD accredited online nutrition diploma is delightfully evidence-based, practical and I’ve personally found what I learnt life-changing for my family as well as invaluable for enhancing patient care. I highly recommend this diploma to medics as it’s a brilliant refresher of biomedical science (that we learnt many moons ago!) plus really interesting new information that can be applied to patient care." 

Dr. Claudia Pastides

“I thought the feedback was constructive and helpful. It helped me to dig down deep and really understand for myself what I was talking about and not just trying to take the information given to me and just put it back on the paper.”


“Since 2014 I’ve had my own business as a holistic nutrition coach , exclusively doing nutrition coaching and healthy cooking , one on one lessons, group workshops mostly in Los Angeles and some in New York as well. It’s been steadily growing since then. There is definitely a need for it, that's why with the course it was nice because I was familiar with all the concepts but I hadn’t really learnt the science behind the nutrition knowledge that I had.  That was the number one thing that I liked about the course, the anatomy side of it and the science bit I thought was great. It gives you more credibility as a coach to be able to back yourself up with science.”

Nutrition Coach

“This is a flexible, fascinating and very well explained nutrition course that gives you an insight into how what you eat really does affect how your body works.  Highly recommend it and it won't break the bank.”

Caroline Haigh

“I’m doing a MSC in nutrition and behaviour with Bournemouth University and I’m using the Diploma in Applied Nutrition course as the supporting evidence for doing that. The thing I really liked about the Sano course is the fact that it was applied, it wasn’t just about the science of nutrition. The practical of coming up with 3 recipes, per module, that are going to utilise foods that will assist and support the body systems and I find that really interesting.”

Juliet Hall

“I found that in Scotland there wasn’t a lot available. Really good about the course that you feel connected and completely online. It was a big thing for me that I could do it all online. That was a big draw.”

Academic & Digital Development Adviser

“The Diploma in Applied Nutrition covers a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that are easy to absorb. The main benefits are from doing the assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with other students. Highly recommended!”


“I loved it, I really enjoyed the course. It’s great that SANO staff are on the FB group and the students can share ideas, motivation etc . You feel less isolated.”


“I do different therapies, so I wanted to add the course to that. Primarily I wanted to do the course because I do colonics and I wanted to know much more about digestion and nutrition. I also do reflexology and aromatherapy and skin care so I do have to deal with a lot of lifestyle issues.”

Complementary Therapist

“I loved the course! I think it was really well set out.”


"The Sano team are always on hand to help and direct and they are such a great bunch, approachable and friendly. This course has given me so much knowledge, confidence and information  on talking about the body and how food has an impact on the body. It has also shown me where to look for reliable information."

Yoga Instructor

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