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Nutrition Coach – a Real-Life Perspective

Our Nutrition Coach graduates have built themselves diverse careers by following their passion. Here are some examples of how they are working; 

HayleyGeddes SmithHayley Geddes-Smith launched Balance By Hayley providing personalised nutrition and wellness. Hayley provides one-to-one coaching and personalised meal plans, workplace wellness services, fitness classes and fitness & nutrition events.

Hayley coaches her clients to make beneficial changes in their diets and lifestyle that give optimal results. With her nutritional expertise, she works together with her clients to develop not only eating plans but lifestyle plans that are practical and bespoke to individual health needs. 

Her customised meal plans remove the pressure of deciding and knowing what to eat to benefit health and wellbeing. They are tailored specifically to her client’s individual dietary needs taking into consideration lifestyle, allergies and food preferences.

Hayley’s workplace wellness workshops have been designed to help improve the health and wellbeing of employees, leading to a healthier, happier and more productive workforce offering a range of services that cater to the employee and business needs. She also provides canteen consultancy where a nutritional analysis of the canteen is provided, ensuring menus offered ensure maximum health benefits to the workforce.


Nutrition Health CoachJosie Buck launched The Mindful Cook to help people to shift their eating mindset from a
‘diet’ perspective to a ‘lifestyle’ perspective. Josie says “My approach is based upon my study of Eating Psychology, Applied Nutrition and my own personal experiences of the revolving doors of weight-loss clubs, all of which I use in empowering others to achieve their health goals.” 

Josie runs wellness retreats, online courses and coaches clients on a one-to-one basis. Josie has been featured in Grazia, Good Housekeeping, Woman, Forbes and BBC radio. The online courses she runs are: Overcome emotional eating, Nutritionally balanced dinners made simple, Healthy mind, healthy body programme

As a food and eating psychology coach, Josie offers safe and supportive advice to women who are ready to change the way they relate to food and their bodies. The online courses she’s developed are about using her knowledge and experience about eating psychology, nutrition, food and cooking accessible to more women. 

Josie’s gorgeous weekend retreats are usually held over 2 nights in beautiful accommodation at a stunning location. Her attendees are taught the power of nourishing food and emotional wellbeing. Her topics include nutritious food, movement and mindfulness which are all important factors for health and happiness and her retreats are the perfect environment for this. 


Nutrition Health CoachSonal Ambasna launched Nourish – Food for Life and describes herself as a Food Coach and Nutritional Cook. Sonal specialises in vegetarian and vegan diets and is passionate about making nutrition accessible to all for families to eat and cook better. She runs workshops for children as well as for corporates and has appeared on Asian Radio. 

She has been shortlisted in the Outstanding Culinary Skills category for SHEA Awards 2022, which is an annual awards platform that seeks to recognise women from all walks of life and their achievements. 

Sonal holds regular corporate wellness workshops where she presents a myth-busting masterclass that sifts nutritional facts from popularised myths. Following this she holds a series of mini consultations, talking to people about how easy it is to eat well and live better!

Her programme for children is focused on having fun in the kitchen whilst developing key life skills. As well as cooking together (virtually) she builds on the child’s knowledge of food and nutrition in a lighthearted way that engages their interest and inspires them. 

Listen to Sonal’s interview on the ‘Make an Impact Show’. Learn how Sonal, a City escapee turned Nutrition Coach is on a mission to educate, empower and support women to eat well and live better. Sonal shares some of the big lessons from her first years in business.


Student Images for BlogMichele Porter launched Love’s Kitchen in 2018 and began working with private clients and doing sell-out cookery workshops. She now runs an amazing 8-week group program, the REAL FOOD RESET, for others wanting to improve their health by moving towards a whole-food lifestyle.  

The REAL FOOD RESET is an 8-week program helping clients make manageable positive changes to their diet using evidence-based nutrition. The program gives her clients a break from common foods that trigger many modern-day health concerns where the ultimate goal is positive lifestyle change, giving her clients the tools for a healthier life. 

Due to popular demand, Michele has launched online live cooking sessions. Some of the dishes: plant-based cottage pie, savoury muffins, fudge brownies and more!


Nutrition Health CoachIn Sinc Wellness was born from Bryony Sinclair‘s passion for food and movement. As a nutrition coach, she works with clients who want to achieve a positive balance between food, movement, stress and wellness providing them with the tools and knowledge to make healthy, delicious food choices. She also runs cooking clubs for primary school children aged 7-11 teaching them how to cook real food and educating them on why we should use real ingredients.

Bryony believes that giving children the tools to make healthy food decisions is a skill that will promote their health and wellness for the rest of their lives, leading the charge against hyper-processed junk food.




Nutrition Health CoachCaroline Haigh launched Everyday Healthy where she runs demo-based cooking workshops from her kitchen in Wandsworth teaching small groups how to create delicious, nutritious and balanced meals as well as educate why certain foods can have beneficial or damaging effects on health. She has developed many classes including Healthy Food for Friends, Energy Boosting & Mood Food, Nourish your Family, ‘Not so naughty’ Sweet Treats, Hormonal health and a Gut Health workshop. 

Caroline also runs a successful catering company, Your Undercover Cook, where she provides bespoke catering of all types from canapés and bowl food to girls lunches and healthy work events, three-course dinner parties and much more. Caroline has run Your Undercover Cook for 10 years and offers a ‘drop off’ service so can deliver everything at a time to suit you.  She also sells some of her delicious ‘everyday essentials’ at local food markets: beetroot hummus, spinach, basil & almond pesto, roasted carrot and turmeric hummus, super seeded crackers to name a few.

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