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Healthy food and a healthy diet is based on real food, tastes delicious, is full of variety and is totally enjoyed! Our Head Chef at SANO, Guillaume, creates just that for all our customers. We caught up with Guillaume (or G as we all call him!) to learn more about his story and why he thinks SANO is so special.


What was the attraction of becoming a chef?

I was always around food, and love food. Home cooking was an aspect that really got me interested in being a chef. I knew that it is a lot of hard work to cook for many people, but I liked the challenge, thrill, and the ultimate goal of making people happy with my cooking.


Growing up close to my family and being around my grandparents quite a lot, big family meals were a regular occurrence. Helping relatives out in the kitchen initiated that trigger and desire for me to cook for other people. At the end of the day, I have my family to thank for it.


What brought you from France to the UK?

I grew up in a small city in the countryside, in the West Atlantic Coast of France and have been living in London for 15 years now. My sister was living in London, and I came to visit her and learn English for six months. I then made the decision – London, it is.


What is that is so appealing about SANO for you?

I found SANO to be an interesting concept from the beginning. Healthy food in London, quick, and on the go was very appealing to me as a chef. I wanted to be doing something different; something that counted and made a positive contribution.

SANO really got me thinking, “I like this concept and the team. This is somewhere where I can be myself and teach others what I know.”

I started here as a sous-chef, and have grown and developed my skills. I am now Head Chef. SANO has given me the freedom to be as creative and artistic as I want when constructing my own dishes.


What is the future? 

SANO is still a new company, there is still so much that I can do to help the progression of the business. I want to drive it through the market and make it known for the great concept it is. There is a lot of work to be done, but I love it and the family we have built here.


Favourite  SANO meal? 

Malaysian Penang Curry.


What’s your naughtiest treat?

Sano Snickers.


If you can’t get to the SANO cafe to try G’s food maybe be inspired by our guest recipes that are all created for health or pop over to our Director of Nutrition, Heather Richards’s own recipes.

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