What is a Nutrition Health Coach?


This is a directory of our students and graduates that wish to be profiled on this site. Whilst we do not endorse any individual or their work, they have completed, or are currently undergoing our rigorous nutrition training. We are not a regulatory body and as such do supervise or monitor their work.

A Nutrition Health Coach is able to guide in healthy eating and create recipes and meal plans around lifestyle health conditions.

A Nutrition Health Coach may be directly contacted by clients or clients be referred from other healthcare professionals to provide support in healthy eating. They do not consider the client's symptoms but instead provide the support and guidance in the health area that is requested.

As well as working on a one to one client basis, Nutrition Health Coaches may deliver cooking demonstrations, webinars, seminars, group programmes, create menus for restaurants, retailers and corporates, work within corporate wellness or as a writer or blogger. The list is truly endless!

Within our course, we teach Nutrition Health Coaches how to stay within the limits of their training.


A Nutrition Health Coach is not a Nutritionist or a Nutritional Therapist. These professionals have undergone 3 years of training and hundreds of clinical hours in practice. They take a full case history and assess symptoms to determine how in their clinical experience the patient is best supported through nutrition. They may then, having determined how they wish their patient to be supported i.e. support cardiovascular health, refer to Nutrition Health Coaches for recipes and meal plans to be prepared.

The Directory

We have included in this Directory, Students and Graduates of our Diploma in Applied Nutrition and Nutrition Health Coach courses.

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Kiri Rayner - Graduate Nutrition Health Coach

Kent UK


I’m a yoga teacher and nutrition coach, offering a holistic and functional approach to wellbeing. My intention is to guide and empower individuals so they can nourish their bodies and minds with both movement and wholesome foods.

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Bryony Sinclair - Graduate Nutrition Health Coach

East Sussex


I am a nutrition coach and personal trainer who understands the relationship between food, movement, stress and wellness and I work with clients to achieve a positive balance between them. I will provide the tools and knowledge to make healthy, delicious food choices so you can achieve a permanent positive change for you and your family. I offer nutrition workshops, cooking classes for children and adults, and individual nutrition coaching to help you to achieve your health and wellness goals. I live in East Sussex with my husband (chief taster), 3 fridge emptying sons and a permanently muddy Spaniel.

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Ben Hathaway - Graduate Nutrition Health Coach



Having had a strong interest in food and exercise from a young age I studied nutrition and fitness as part of my degree, but didn’t initially follow this career path.

I have a passion for helping people and recently rekindled my interest in nutrition, health and exercise becoming a qualified personal trainer and undertaking further studies in nutrition. I chose to study as a Nutrition Coach with Sano to better understand the effect of food on health. With a particular interest in sustainable body fat-loss, healthy eating and improved movement for greater health into older age I am now able to support my clients on their health and fitness journey, offering both group programs and individually tailored nutrition and exercise plans.

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Samantha Palmer Endean - Graduate Nutrition Health Coach



Changing profession from interior designer to a registered Nutritional Coach, offers me far more job satisfaction, as I know I am helping people to understand the powerful benefits good nutrition has on the body, and in the prevention of many illnesses. I am passionate about good nutrition as I have seen the powerful benefits it has on reversing illness. Good nutrition not only provides optimal health it helps in the prevention of many western lifestyle illnesses.

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Gabriela Slater - Graduate Nutrition Health Coach



For the past 15 years, I have been working with women to help them to be healthy, relaxed and rebalanced. As a Nutritional Therapist and Nutrition Coach, I am very passionate about helping others and I strongly believe in the power of what we eat and its effects on our body. I work with women offering them nutrition coaching packages and reflexology sessions to support their health and wellbeing. In 2020 Healthy Hormones Kitchen was born to give women a practical guide on how to help balance their hormones regardless of their age via 1 to 1 nutrition coaching meetings and online programmes.

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Nicola Wilsher - Graduate Nutrition Health Coach



My name is Nicola and I am an ex hospitality manager who has always been passionate about good food, now I'm passionate about good nutritious food. I realised a while back that very few people understand what nutritious food is and where to even start looking after their bodies. It was when friends and family started asking me about what they should be eating that I decided that helping people through nutrition is what I truly wanted to do.


Caroline Haigh - Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition, Graduate Nutrition Health Coach



After gaining my diploma, I expanded my catering company to offer healthy, nutritionally balanced menus as well as setting up a sister company with fellow chef, Vicky Gammon, called Everyday Healthy Cooking.  We run demo-based classes that take place in our Wandsworth kitchens. We teach how to create delicious, nutritious, balanced meals that will nourish your body and pack your diet full of essential nutrients. Throughout the workshops we talk about the nutritional benefits of the dishes as well as offer shortcuts and chef 'tips & tricks' to make healthy eating all day, every day, easy and fun. There is plenty of time for Q&As, lots of tastings along the way, nibbles on arrival and a light meal.


Guilia Demichelis - Nutrition Coach Student



I have always been passionate about nutrition and wellness. I have been working as a restaurant manager for the past 10 years and I have now finally started my journey towards a deeper understanding of the food's "behind the scenes". It is incredible how much the right diet can transform and improve the quality of a person's life. I have had the chance to experiment that change on myself over the past two years, and my everyday life is now so much better! I can't wait to be able to share my knowledge in order to help others with their health revolution.

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Naomi Buff - Student Diploma in Applied Nutrition



Naomi Buff is the founder of Nourish by Naomi and a range of Naomi’s Kitchen Adaptogenic blends.  She has been working in health and wellness for 7 years with individuals, groups, corporate and commercial clients to incorporate and teach her methods to living a healthy and balanced life through mindful choices.  Her approach to Nutrition is Holistic, Realistic, Mindful, Compassionate + Individual.
Josie Buck

Josie Buck - Student Diploma in Applied Nutrition



I am a Food and Eating Coach, helping those who want to positively influence their relationship with food and their bodies. I help people to shift their eating mindset from a ‘diet’ perspective to a ‘lifestyle’ perspective and to improve their well-being through food, movement, laughter, and mindfulness. I create recipes that demonstrate that healthy food can be both interesting and indulgent, run residential food & well-being retreats that bring together food, movement, and mindfulness in a relaxed and fun environment, and support people who wish to transform their eating mindset through one-to-one coaching. The Mindful Cook approach is based upon my study of Eating Psychology, Applied Nutrition and my own personal experiences of the revolving doors of weight-loss clubs, all of which I use in empowering others to achieve their health goals.

Kerry McKay

Kerry McKay - Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition

Fochabers, Scotland


Before completing my Sano Diploma in Applied Nutrition I have been working as a complementary therapist, skin coach and colon hydrotherapist. Diet and nutrition has always been something I have been passionate about as we are definitely what we eat! I work holistically looking at your health and wellbeing as well as your diet, and work with you to work towards your desired outcome using food as your medicine alongside other therapies such as reflexology, colon hydrotherapy, and skin care.

immunity mushroom soup recipe

Denise Monk - Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition, Graduate Nutrition Health Coach



I've always been a bit of a "foodie" and known for my love and passion for cooking, baking and recipe making. Even selling my wares at times! But I wanted to learn about how food could help the body in a medicinal way, and use this to help me develop my passion and in a way, I could help people with their nutrition. I am also a trainee yoga teacher and always been asked for nutritional advice. So it all linked together and the Sano course was ideal for me. Since graduating I've set up "the health den" where I advise people on how to use food in a medicinal way and devise recipes to their tastes (exactly as I did on the course!) I really enjoy sitting with clients and devising a meal plan with them with developing recipes to suit and even more importantly seeing their faces when they get results and know they are making life-changing choices. As a passionate yogi who practices daily and trainee yoga teacher, this all sits perfectly together.

Andrew Jenkinson

Andrew Jenkinson - Student Diploma in Applied Nutrition



I'm a food lover and qualified nutritional cook, proud husband to my fantastic wife Rachel and dad to my beautiful, inspiring, energetic kids River and Herbie.  My love for cooking began at an early age. My Dad was a traditional fisherman in our little Yorkshire seaside town. He'd often take me out on his fishing cobble and would bring home all sorts of wondrous foods like wild salmon, crabs, and native lobsters. Since River was born, these vivid childhood memories of food have helped to shape the Usfew style; maybe not quite so fishy, but certainly simple, healthy, natural and practical foods. The aim of Usfew is to be more than just another collection of recipes.  I want to create a place where you can go to find everything food related for the family. Somewhere you can find healthy, delicious recipes to feed your baby that is just being weaned on solids, to your teenage fussy eaters.  A hub for concise nutritional information that's at your fingertips. A place that helps parents become smarter, healthier and happier cooks so that our kids develop a better lifelong relationship with their food. I believe children should learn to love what real food looks like and tastes likes just served on smaller plates. 
Marian Hearne

Marian Hearne - Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition

South Dublin & Waterford

Marian Hearne Nutrition

Marian Hearne is a qualified nutritional therapist (N.T.). Her nutrition practice focuses on personalised nutritional and lifestyle consultations, workshops and cookery demos aimed at building healthy habits so we flourish in midlife. Marian's practice is based in South Dublin and Tramore, Co Waterford (Ireland). She also has a diploma with distinction in Information Technology from Dublin City University and holds a cookery certificate (merit) from Cooks Academy in Dublin.

Jo Charleston

Jo Charleston - Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition



I've always loved food, but after living in Lyon, the food capital of France with my husband and then two young children I began to look at food in a whole new way.  Being able to experience the joys of buying fresh, seasonal foods from the local food markets made me realise we all have choices about not only what we eat and when, but where it comes from. As I've got older, I've realised health isn't something you can take for granted, but something to be nurtured and to take control of.  On returning from France I trained with the Nutritional Healing Foundation and Sano School of Culinary Medicine. I now spread my love of eating well for all ages as a food writer for social media, magazines, and print and as a recipe writer. 

Sonal Ambasna

Sonal Ambasna - Graduate Nutrition Health Coach



Food Coach & Nutritional Cook at Nourish - Food for Life. Specialising in vegetarian and vegan diets, we’re passionate about making nutrition accessible to all so you and your families can eat and cook better. If you’d like to find out more please get in touch! 

Sue Plant

Susan Plant - Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition

Isle of Man


I’m Susan and I live on the beautiful Isle of Man. I have a business making natural and organic skincare and I also have a wellbeing life-coaching business. I had been thinking about how to combine the two businesses and had one of those lightbulb moments. I have always been interested in food, cooking, and nutrition and it occurred to me that this was what I wanted to do when I was at school over 40 years ago but never got into it (I became a nurse instead). My interest in medicinal nutrition was piqued when I read a little paperback back in 2012 entitled Medicinal Cookery and I proceeded to spout its virtues to friends and colleagues. I am now thrilled to be able to do a course on the subject and I intend to use this as my main business carrying out workshops and using my coaching skills, with my hormone friendly, natural skincare as part of a holistic approach to wellbeing. My skincare range presently trades under the name Ooire Vie which is Manx for ‘good earth’ and is on Facebook.

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Ines Romanelli - Student Diploma in Applied Nutrition



Ines (Arntz) Romanelli is originally from Brazil; she grew up experiencing two very strong cultures, her mother is Jewish and her father is Italian. After finishing secondary school in Sao Paulo, she moved to Paris to study at the prestigious Ecole Superieure d'Hotellerie. During her studies, she worked as an intern in several restaurants, including a Two Michelin Star. When she finished her studies she moved to London, which has been her home for the past 12 years. During this time, she has worked in many of the best restaurants in town, including one of the pioneers' restaurants of raw plant-based food. Over the years she became interested in studying the power of healing through food. She is a student of Sano School of Culinary Medicine, as well a brand ambassador for Tailor Made Fitness. Ines now works alongside different professionals helping people overcome different health difficulties and live a better and healthier life through a complete balanced plant-based raw food diet.

Hayley Geddes

Hayley Geddes Smith - Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition



The passion behind Balance By Hayley is the desire to educate people on the role that diet and lifestyle can play in health and wellbeing. It is my goal to bring clients the absolute best evidence-based knowledge and advice on nutrition and wellness. I believe that nutrition is immensely powerful and that food is something that should be enjoyed and utilised to our advantage.

Emily Pulletz

Emily Pulletz - Student Diploma in Applied Nutrition



I began education at Medical School in London but realised that this wasn't the right path for me.  I realised that what a lot of people needed was help with the very basics of wellbeing: nutrition, exercise, work-life balance and mental health. I started to look into healthcare in more of a holistic way and realised that helping people with their overall wellbeing was where my true passion lies. I write a body positivity and wellbeing blog as well as doing community and personal coaching covering topics including nutrition, self-worth and the problems with diet culture.

Education Manager

Mel Gaylard - Student Nutrition Coach



Having struggled with mental health and weight issues most of my life I became aware of how different foods were affecting my wellness. This sparked a keen interest in studying food as medicine. After lots of research, I came across Sano School of Culinary Medicine and decided to do the Diploma in Applied Nutrition and haven't looked back. Being from a creative background I really enjoy creating tasty, nutritious recipes and having the knowledge to back up my research with scientific evidence. When the opportunity arose to do an internship with Sano I jumped at the chance. Using my knowledge and experience I am now the Education Manager for Sano and guide students along their nutrition journey.

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Roveena Gata-Aura - Student Diploma in Applied Nutrition



I wanted to study nutrition in order to build my understanding and support my management of an autoimmune condition I developed a few years ago. I began with the diploma in nutrition with Sano 3 years ago however my interest quickly developed and I wanted to expand my knowledge further and subsequently started a post-graduate nutrition course in 2017, with the aim of becoming a registered and practicing nutritional therapist once I qualify. Although so many areas of health fascinate me, I am eventually planning to focus my area of interest on chronic illness, particularly autoimmune conditions, through nutrition and lifestyle management. 

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Laura McMenamy - Student Diploma in Applied Nutrition



I have always had an interest in nutrition and how diet affects mental and physical health. I have researched many courses but have never been able to find the time to attend a college, or the courses were never really what I was looking for. In 2016 my partner and I, who both love to eat and cook, started a food business called Great Northern Larder. This really kicked off my interest in how to source good food and ingredients! At the same time, I found Sano School of Culinary Medicine and jumped at the chance to study with them – especially as the course is online. As a pharmacist, I am getting to tie a lot of my skills together by studying with Sano. I can use the scientific knowledge learned in the course as a base to make great tasting, healthy sauces for our business, confidently counsel my patients on their dietary needs and lastly, cook meals that will look after my wellness and the health of my family.


Catherine Elliot - Graduate Nutrition Health Coach



I trained as a doctor in 1976 and worked as a Gp until 2004 when I retrained in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. I received a first class degree in this subject in 2007. Since then, I have developed a busy acupuncture practice and have further developed my skills by undertaking training in Functional/Lifestyle Medicine.

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Daniella Velissariou - Graduate Nutrition Health Coach



I have been a foodie my whole life! My Greek mom used to force me to help her cook growing up, and I thank her for that. I went on to study to be a chef after school. Which I loved! But I just didn’t like the lifestyle... I then developed a passion for exercise as I was trying to improve myself and would do this in my spare time, which then led me to study personal training. I loved this a met amazing people! But felt that I really enjoyed the nutrition part more than anything. I wanted to learn more. So after moving to London from South Africa, I decided to start my learning more about nutrition and become a nutrition health coach. I currently work at school as a teaching assistant/chef, and would love to incorporate my knowledge into teaching children more about a healthy lifestyle and how it can impact a lot!

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Michele Porter - Graduate Nutrition Health Coach



Food Coach & Nutritional Cook. I am passionate about real food made from fresh ingredients, and everything must taste delicious! I can offer help with what to eat when you have a food intolerance/allergy or health condition… you can still enjoy healthier versions of your favourite foods.
Batch cooking, one to one consultations, meal plans, cookery tuition - one to one or in groups. Elimination diet programme for those with health issues.  Kitchen 'cupboard edits' and ‘how to navigate the supermarket’ coaching also available. If it’s to do with food, just ask!  Based in Surrey but will travel.