Becoming a Nutrition Coach Webinar

Becoming a Nutrition Coach

Are you interested in becoming a Nutrition Coach?

Attend this Q&A session to learn more about nutrition coaching and how you can build a successful business as a qualified Nutrition Coach. Come along and ask any questions you have including; what it is like studying with us, course content, method of teaching, career prospects, support, fees, assessments etc. Ask anything you want to know!

Deciding to change career and study to develop a new skill shouldn’t be taken lightly. Studying and becoming a nutrition coach is no different. It requires passion and time and of course a financial commitment. We are here to help you make the right decision for you.

We will explain the difference in types of nutrition qualifications and what you can do with each of them. It is confusing; nutritionist, nutritional therapist, nutrition coach, health coach, nutrition advisor, food coach etc. What is the difference? There are significant differences and it is important that before embarking on any training course you understand those differences.

Everyone has different learning styles. You may question whether online learning is right for you. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages and how we ensure learning with Sano makes full use of all the advantages of learning online whilst ensuring the disadvantages such as feeling alone are addressed.

Nutrition schools all have their ways of teaching. We will explain why we believe personalised nutrition is the best approach to support health and how we at Sano teach you this. This is a different approach to learning about specific dietary models that are not individualised.

Nutrition covers a huge array of different topics. What will you learn? Becoming a Nutrition Coach with Sano will give you the nutritional knowledge to guide people in healthy eating in the areas where people commonly require support and guidance. We will explain in more detail what these areas are and how you will be able to provide support.

Accurate knowledge is essential but knowledge without appropriate application will not help people improve their health or help you grow a business. We will explain our approach at Sano in ensuring our students take their nutrition knowledge and can translate this into practical ways in a language that clients will understand.

Of course, nutrition knowledge and application still isn’t enough to build a successful nutrition coaching business. You need to develop skills in coaching and setting up and running a business. There is plenty to consider here.

You need the skills to help your clients change behaviours and therefore make improvements to their health. The best nutrition guidance in the world won’t help your client if you aren’t able to also help them use the guidance to change their behaviour. We will discuss how when becoming a nutrition coach we help you develop effective coaching skills.

Building a business, finding clients, knowing what services to offer at what price, how to stay within the law, accounting and finance. How will you find the time for all of this? We will discuss the format of our business teaching that ensures that you have all the knowledge and skills to build a successful reputable nutrition coaching business on becoming a nutrition coach.

Above all studying and becoming a nutrition coach should be fun! Learn about the different practical tasks and group sessions throughout the course ensuring that your passion grows alongside your knowledge and skills.

Join us to hear more and ask any questions you may have.

If you are unable to attend this session you can book a one-to-one call to discuss anything you would like.

You are also able to read our blogs that discuss some of the topics about becoming a nutrition coach.


Aug 20 2021


12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

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