We inspire employees to adopt healthy behaviours that will improve their mental and physical wellbeing as well as their performance.

We help you design and implement wellness programmes fully integrated into your vision, values and purpose that reinforce and support a healthy company culture.

The pace at which companies adapt to challenges is accelerating and this amplifies the need for sustainable human performance. Our programmes recognise the post pandemic need for you to adapt wellbeing to that of future ways of working, future technologies, future jobs and future stresses caused by these. 

We specialise in preparing leaders and their teams to be mentally agile working with clients like Nike and Deloitte. Implementing a culture of health that embeds sustainable healthier behaviours for everyone is not easy. However the rewards can be huge, both for the company and for your employees for years to come.

We design programmes for flexibility and for any budget. For the best results we use a 5 stage approach.

1. Understand your requirements, culture and aims for health and wellbeing as well as areas that may contribute to employee stress

2. Design a programme with your leaders that will deliver the best results

3. Educate and coach employees about how to look after their health and well-being and their managers on how to create a sustainable and healthy team and company culture

4. Embed healthier behaviours to inspire them to improve their mental and physical wellbeing as well as their performance.

5. Listen to feedback, measure, evaluate and act to continually improve impact and results


Practical, engaging and inspiring, tailored  to what you and your teams need. Whether workshops are virtual or at your office, we help employees understand how the body works and how different foods impact all aspects of their overall health including mental health, energy levels, stress, concentration and memory.


These strategic programmes focus on building or enhancing a culture of health for your company and employees. Our programmes support you in creating a way of life in the workplace that integrates a total health model into every aspect of business practice, from company policies to everyday work activities.

Healthy Office Food

Many companies recognise how important good food is in attracting talent and creating healthy workplaces that look after their employees. We can support you in designing and implementing a total food solution for employees in the office and working at home.

Short Courses

Employees can enrol for short education courses in wellness, for example Nutrition and Positive Psychology which they can study online with  support. They also benefit from being part of a course community that shares and learns  developing relationships and networks within your company.

Live Cooking Events

Choose to incorporate cooking demonstrations with any workshop helping illustrate how to bring healthy cooking into busy lifestyles. We show how cooking can be quick, simple, delicious and doesn't require sophisticated cooking skills. What better way to demonstrate how to eat well than include the event with a team lunch.

Wellness Portal

We share our wellbeing resources and knowledge through online videos, webinars, podcasts, blogs and health tips accessed via your intranet, email or preferred communication platforms for employees. We can also integrate feedback from employees, suggestions and ideas to encourage engagement and take action where appropriate.

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Our Expertise

Sano Co Founders Doug & Heather Richards founded Sano in 2015. Heather is the Director of Nutrition providing nutrition and health training to over 1,000 students worldwide including GPs and medical practitioners. Heather is also the nutrition lead for the College of Medicine. Doug has over 25 years in senior and board level corporate roles in plc and private businesses. He also co-founded Ordit the leading European Corporate Food ordering platform. Our team includes qualified nutrition health coaches and natural health practitioners.

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