We help you design & implement the best food for your employees at the office or working remotely.

Many companies recognise how important good food is in attracting talent and creating healthy workplaces that look after their employees.

We can support you with our expertise in designing and implementing a total food solution for your business for employees in the office and for employees working at home. 

With our expertise we can help you enhance your workplace culture and community that can improve engagement,  productivity and performance.

Common Issues with Office Food Services 

Office managers hassle and stress of managing orders and delivery.

Poor service experience as suppliers over promise and under deliver.

Significant risks of food hygiene standards and liability overlooked.

Supplier contracts do not provide strong service level agreements or incorporate penalties for non-performance.

Excessive cost and employee dissatisfaction leads to programmes being cut in budget reviews.


Lack of reporting of costs and benefits leading to weaker accountability.

Our Food Consultancy Services

Food & Meal Plans

Design of Meal Plans and food choices for all your employee requirements.

Designing Food Policies including bespoke guidelines and procedures.

Best Practice recommendations on implementing food as an employee benefit including allowances and perks.

Guidance on managing Food hygiene and safety standards and how you can manage the risks to protect your employees at all times.


Sourcing and contracting with the best providers whether for catering or individual meals ordered via platforms and apps

Managing food quality, hygiene and service standards with suppliers.

Reducing your carbon footprint by choosing healthy and sustainable partners including delivery (electric and pedal power).

Reducing food costs to your company including food wastage. Typical savings are 20 -30% if implemented and managed the right way.


We provide a bespoke event management service include design, planning and management.

Events include business meetings & workshops, product launches, client events, office entertaining and parties.

Sano partners with leading event and meeting caterers such as Rocketfood for your office and teams working remotely nationwide.

We have also managed large conferences such as the College of Medicine Food Conference in October 2019 at the Royal Society of Medicine attended by 500 leaders in food and wellness from the UK and across the world.

Corporate Pantry

Providing great food in the office brings teams together to eat, chat and relax in the heart of your office. Our pantry services are regular deliveries to clients in London providing them with dairy, bread, deli items, groceries, fruit and healthy snacks for all office kitchen and eating areas.

Clients can order online for next day and tailor their Account requirements including regular delivery times.

Sano has exclusive wholesale arrangements with leading food providers Wholegood and major retailers that will reduce your costs and provide a seamless service including ordering, delivery and billing.

Sano co-founders Doug & Heather Richards support many corporate clients with their food, nutrition and wellness. They draw on their expertise in senior corporate roles before founding Sano in 2015. Doug is also the co-founder of Ordit, the leading European Corporate Food ordering platform.

Make a difference to your employees' health!