Meet Alice Santos, the Operations & Store Manager at Sano. It was Alice’s love of food and desire to be healthy that brought Alice and Sano together. We interviewed Alice to get the full scoop! 

What brought you to SANO today?

I have been working in hospitality since I was 15 years old and being in this atmosphere has taught me to know all the ins and outs of a restaurant. I grew up close to the beach in Portugal where they had food all over the place, it was all about the restaurants, the bars, cafés, the food! I studied Travel and Tourism in the hospitality sector, then chose to move to London to widen my experience,  learn a different culture and to step out my comfort zone to observe and travel.

Why did you become a restaurant manager?

Once I moved to London, I knew what I wanted to pursue this position because it is fun when you work close to food as food makes people happy and that’s what everyone wants, happiness. I love working as a team where everyone helps, cares and respects each other. It makes the in-house working relationships much easier. That is what got me to love being a part of SANO!

Why SANO? 

I have been working with SANO for eight months and just before I became overweight, so I started a process in order to change my lifestyle and with what I eat – I looked for nutritionists and a direction to move forward into; until I found SANO. SANO approached me to become part of the team and here I started eating healthier and avoiding any processed foods.

I love the concept behind SANO, and the values it upholds. What really draws me in is SANO’s determination to deliver healthy food options on the go. I strongly believe that if people really think about what they eat, they can naturally change their moods and naturally have more energy.

It is not just about losing weight, it is a necessity. It is about changing your eating habits.

Why stay at SANO? 

Having a place like SANO is amazing because you have a wide choice of food options without having to worry about counting calories! If you eat healthy food, you are not worried about processed food. SANO delivers freshly prepared meals that your body will naturally use its energy for something good.
SANO is all about believing you have healthier fuller options rather than just simple sandwiches!

What’s your favourite meal at SANO?

Nut Roast

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