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Medics need to be trained in nutrition
Why do we need to train medics in nutrition?
Why do we need to train medics in nutrition? After all, we have Nutritional Therapists, Nutritional Therapists and Dieticians to advise on nutrition and healthy eating. So why bother training ...
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Western-style ultra processed diet impairs brain function
A human randomised trial into the impact of eating high saturated fat, high added sugar diet showed a decline in memory tests after one week and a greater desire to ...
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Christmas health
Why your Christmas dinner is good for your health
Christmas is a time for socialising, enjoyment and celebration. You probably won’t be thinking about whether your meal is particularly healthy. You don’t have to because it is, so just ...
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Improve your sex life
Improve your sex life – Can what you eat make a difference?
Everyone has heard about aphrodisiacs but is it all true? Will eating them really improve your sex life? After all, a quick google search will give you a long list ...
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The Hangover Cure – What does your body need for a quick recovery? 
We’re all set to enjoy the party season but the morning after hangover isn’t something to look forward to! If you do overindulge and end up with a hangover what ...
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Training Medics
Training Medics in Nutrition – Creating A Healthy Future
Training medics in nutrition is vital if we are to overcome the current healthcare crisis. We've all heard the saying you are what you eat, but with rising obesity levels ...
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The Need for a Holistic Approach to Healthcare
The Need for a Holistic Approach to Healthcare
Doug Richards visited Sir Sam Everington at his Bromley by Bow Integrative Healthcare Practice where they discussed the need for a holistic approach to healthcare and the need to educate ...
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What can a Nutrition Health Coach do?
A Nutrition Health Coach guides in healthy eating for specific health conditions/areas. They also create recipes and meal plans. There are so many different ways that you can work as ...
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Studying nutrition with Sano
Why Study Nutrition with Sano?
Why Study nutrition with Sano? Sano was established in 2015 and Sano School Of Culinary Medicine is part of the wider Sano group specialising in food and nutrition including the ...
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a healthy meal can be quick easy and delicious.Mexican Beef & Squash Mash
A healthy meal can be quick, easy and delicious
Preparing a healthy meal can be quick, easy and delicious. It doesn't need to be complicated or taste bland. In fact, a healthy diet is not only made from real ingredients but ...
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Are Nutrition Health Coaches needed?
Are Nutrition Health Coaches needed?
Are Nutrition Health Coaches needed within the healthcare system? We think they are and this is backed up by the statistics of the increase in lifestyle disease, the failing healthcare ...
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Healthy food
What is a Nutrition Health Coach?
A Nutrition Health Coach guides in healthy eating for specific health conditions/areas. They also create recipes and meal plans. There are so many different ways that you can work as ...
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Study to be a Nutrition Health Coach
Study to be a Nutrition Health Coach: What qualification will I graduate with?
On successful completion of the course, you will graduate with a Diploma in Applied Nutrition and be a qualified Nutrition Health Coach. The qualification and the title of Nutrition Health ...
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nutrition health coach qualification
Why do you need a Nutrition Health Coach Qualification?
There is a huge opportunity for those with a Nutrition Health Coach qualification to work in many different ways in healthcare and wellness. There is a lot of misinformation regarding ...
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healthy eating for children
Healthy Eating for Children – what do we need to do ?
Healthy eating for children is starting to have the focus it needs but only because we have finally woken up to the childhood obesity crisis in our country; Britain has ...
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Junk Food Advertising
Junk food advertising – how is it impacting children’s health?
Junk food advertising has been banned across London’s public transport network by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to combat childhood obesity and the growing crisis in poor diet. Preventing brands ...
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Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity being tackled in Europe, but what about the UK?
Tackling childhood obesity is in many countries agendas and quite rightly so. Last week I presented to the leaders of childhood obesity from many European and Asian countries. It was ...
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Nutrition and community project brought together in Lambeth GP Food Co-op recipe book
Nutrition and Community Projects in General Practice
Nutrition knowledge for healthcare professionals and involvement in community projects is the future of General Practice. With the rise of chronic disease and the resulting strain on the healthcare service, ...
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Nutritionist Heather Richards talking about a real food healthy diet on a podcast
Real Food Healthy Diet
Real food is the key to a healthy diet. Lifestyle disease is increasing at an alarming rate, yet is it surprising given the amount of processed food we now eat ...
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Healthy food inspiration Chickpea Spinach Curry
Healthy Food Inspiration for Families by Dr Chintal Patel
Healthy food inspiration for families is something Dr Chintal Patel is passionate about. Chintal, a General Practitioner, has had a love of food and cooking from a young age and ...
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Sam Palmer testimonial photo

"I can chat with clients regarding food with confidence already. I had a timely client, my Mother who had a knee replacement. The food aided her recovery. The consultant was astonished at a 78-year-old's recovery rate after 6 weeks. Her new diet was adopted over 4 weeks and she was able to walk upstairs unaided and without her crutch after about 10 days".

Sam Palmer

Student Nutrition Coach