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Nutrition Coach

Nutrition, Business and Coaching to build a successful nutrition coaching career.


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Nutrition for Medics

Courses for all Medical Practitioners

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Nutrition for Integrative Healthcare Practitioners

Nutrition and healthy eating to guide clients and provide an integrative healthcare approach.

Food nutrition and lifestyle education helping everyone have the freedom to eat food and enjoy a lifestyle they love whilst staying healthy.

Nutrition Coach

Everything you need to set up a reputable Nutrition Coaching business and begin or further develop your career as a successful, qualified Nutrition Coach.

Nutrition for Medics

Courses enabling all medical healthcare practitioners to integrate nutrition into their consultations.

Nutrition for Integrative Health Practitioners

Courses enabling all integrative healthcare practitioners to guide clients in healthy eating.

Eat Well, Live More Webinars

Our webinar series is for everyone. Short 30 minute webinars covering a variety of topics enabling you to learn in bitesize sessions.

Health Podcast

Short, informative, practical sessions discussing food nutrition and lifestyle helping you live a healthier life.


Our varied events programme includes webinars, wellness events and workshops covering food, fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition.