a healthy meal can be quick easy and delicious.Mexican Beef & Squash Mash
A healthy meal can be quick, easy and delicious
Preparing a healthy meal can be quick, easy and delicious. It doesn't need to be complicated or taste bland. In fact, a healthy diet is not only made from real ingredients but ...
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healthy eating for children
Healthy Eating for Children – what do we need to do ?
Healthy eating for children is starting to have the focus it needs but only because we have finally woken up to the childhood obesity crisis in our country; Britain has ...
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Junk Food Advertising
Junk food advertising – how is it impacting children’s health?
Junk food advertising has been banned across London’s public transport network by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to combat childhood obesity and the growing crisis in poor diet. Preventing brands ...
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Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity being tackled in Europe, but what about the UK?
Tackling childhood obesity is in many countries agendas and quite rightly so. Last week I presented to the leaders of childhood obesity from many European and Asian countries. It was ...
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Nutrition and community project brought together in Lambeth GP Food Co-op recipe book
Nutrition and Community Projects in General Practice
Nutrition knowledge for healthcare professionals and involvement in community projects is the future of General Practice. With the rise of chronic disease and the resulting strain on the healthcare service, ...
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Nutritionist Heather Richards talking about a real food healthy diet on a podcast
Real Food Healthy Diet
Real food is the key to a healthy diet. Lifestyle disease is increasing at an alarming rate, yet is it surprising given the amount of processed food we now eat ...
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Healthy food inspiration Chickpea Spinach Curry
Healthy Food Inspiration for Families by Dr Chintal Patel
Healthy food inspiration for families is something Dr Chintal Patel is passionate about. Chintal, a General Practitioner, has had a love of food and cooking from a young age and ...
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healthy food chef
Healthy Food Created by Head Chef
Healthy food and a healthy diet is based on real food, tastes delicious, is full of variety and is totally enjoyed! Our Head Chef at SANO, Guillaume, creates just that ...
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A Love of Food & Healthy Lifestyle
Meet Alice Santos, the Operations & Store Manager at Sano. It was Alice's love of food and desire to be healthy that brought Alice and Sano together. We interviewed Alice ...
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Angelique Panagos: Learn about my PCOS Journey
September is PCOS Awareness Month – in support of the condition and to highlight it’s impact on 1 in 5 women worldwide, Nutritional Therapist Angelique Panagos is sharing her own PCOS ...
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PCOS: 7 Things Every Woman Should Know
September is PCOS Awareness Month - in support of the condition and to highlight it's impact on 1 in 5 women worldwide, Clare Goodwin - aka. The PCOS Nutritionist - ...
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The Microbiome – Nutrition for a Healthy Gut
It's a well-known fact that an imbalance in gut flora (gut microbiome) can impact health and the trillions of bacteria living inside us are mostly in our gut. Over 100 ...
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Warm Green Tamari & Almond Salad
Delicious Warm Green Tamari & Almond Salad
Summer is well and truly here, but that doesn't mean meal choices are restricted to ice lollies and tasteless salads. Our Warm Green Tamari Almond Salad, created by Sano Nutritionist ...
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Could This be the Real Cause of Your Bloating?
What is the real cause of your? How you are eating might be contributing to your bloating and other digestive health issues. Do you have food intolerances, bloating, flatulence, indigestion, diarrhoea, ...
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Why We Should be Eating Mindfully: The Science
Eating food is about so much more than the energy and nutrients that it delivers. Our mealtimes should be enjoyable, sociable, a time to notice our surroundings and step aside ...
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Vegan-Aubergine CannelloniWalnutPesto
Simple Vegan Cannelloni with Walnut Pesto
The simplicity of this vegan dish makes it perfect for a quick weekday dinner, but it always works brilliantly as an impressive main for dinner parties, whether your guests are ...
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Cacao Smoothie – Healthy Breakfast & Snack Recipe
This simple filling breakfast will keep you going for hours. You can even make this cacao smoothie ahead of time and store it in the fridge, so there are no ...
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Healthy Fish Supper
Healthy Fish Supper for National Fish & Chips Day
We know you can’t beat a fish supper so we had to recreate traditional fish and chips the Sano way. To keep blood sugar levels balanced, we switched classic white ...
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Goat's cheese Fritatta
Goat’s Cheese, Spinach & Red Onion Frittata
This simple filling recipe will keep you going for hours and makes a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can even make this ahead of time and store it in ...
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social media food
Is Social Media Influencing Your Food Choices?
Do you think that social media is influencing your food choices? Turning to social media and online resources for nutrition advice is fast becoming a prerequisite for constructing our approaches ...
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